Similac Safety and Quality: How Our Formula is Made

We know as parents and caregivers, you have high expectations for everyone who supports you and your baby—and so do we. That’s why for nearly a century, we have been working to get you high-quality, safe infant formula when you need it—and that starts with how our formula is made.

Our safety and quality control checks in our manufacturing process ensure we’re guided by high standards that meet or exceed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. We want to share with you how we protect product quality every step of the way when we make formula—so you can have confidence and peace of mind in the Similac products you’re choosing to feed your babies.


Hundreds of quality and safety tests and checks are conducted during each phase of the manufacturing process for every batch of formula we make. We start with a visual inspection of every ingredient before it even enters our manufacturing facilities. We record evidence of safe transport, ensuring intact cargo seals and proper sanitary conditions.

All ingredients are inspected for quality. Each one must meet specific standards, such as purity; otherwise, we do not use them. Once they pass inspection, the ingredients are weighed and then verified against the formula recipe.


Raw ingredients are mixed with filtered water to create a liquid formula. Then the liquid is heat-treated to help protect against harmful bacteria. The resulting formula is then cooled and held in secure, temperature-controlled tanks where analytical testing is conducted to ensure the formula meets specified nutrient levels.

To produce powdered formula, the liquid is heat-treated again and then safely transferred to a specialized dryer where it’s dried into powder. Additional ingredients are added for some specific formulas. Then samples from each batch of powder undergo microbiological analysis.


Containers are then filled with powdered formula and sealed as part of a tightly monitored process that includes instruments to verify weight and seal integrity. Once containers are safely filled, several checks are conducted on labeling and packaging. This allows product to be delivered to retail locations and safely stored on shelves.


Samples of every batch are retained at the facility to undergo final release testing, which includes testing for common pathogens, nutrient levels, and flavor. Prior to release, auditors review these records. Once the batch has met all quality and safety requirements, the product is ready to be cleared for delivery and distribution.


This entire manufacturing process is conducted within controlled zones that are thoroughly tested to help ensure the manufacturing environment is safe. Prior to release, additional samples are collected and held over shelf life to ensure quality is maintained.

From raw ingredients to finished and packaged product, each batch of formula is made at a single location to help ensure the safety and integrity of the product. Formula is packaged to be securely distributed to retailers, hospitals, and parents and caregivers like you.


Our safety checks start in our facilities and extend into your homes.

That starts with MySimilac®, our easy-to-use digital tool designed to give you direct access to quality and manufacturing information about the formula you purchase to feed your babies. In fact, as we are working on adding this technology to more Similac formulas, parents and caregivers have already accessed this tool over 100,000 times. By scanning the unique MySimilac® QR code on the product container, you can see that the infant formula batch has passed tests and checks in food safety, nutrient content and physical stability before being released to market. The QR code will also allow you to see the date the batch was approved for release and the location where the product was manufactured. We believe you deserve this transparency in our products.

We’re all focused on keeping babies safe and healthy. That’s why we want you to feel reassured by the steps we’re taking to ensure quality and safety in our manufacturing plants, while also helping you feel confident in safely preparing bottles at home. It’s hard enough caring for infants around the clock, so we’ve gathered resources to help you confidently prepare a safe bottle, whether it’s  2 PM or 2 AM.

We value the trust you’ve placed in Similac by making us a part of the team that supports you and your family, and we promise to continue providing high-quality, safe infant formula to all families who need it for years to come.

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